Leading Pet Supplies manufacturer from China for sale

Leading Sponge Products Manufacturer is located in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China, and is specialized in manufacturing and developing all kinds of pet supplies(included dog and cats). We have well-equipped testing facilities and the first-class scientific and technical strength. Now we have horizontal cutting machines, vertical cutting machines, hot presses, half cutting machines, drilling machines, grinding machines, shape cutting machines, etc.

Stainless Steel Dog bow
Melamine Dog Bowl
Slow Feeder Bowl
Ceremic Dog Bowl
Silicone Pad Double Dog Bowl
Collapsible Silicone Dog Bowl
Folding Pet Water Bottle
Stainless Steel Cat Liter Box
Travel Dog Water Bottle
Dog Harness Collar Set
Automatic Pet Feeder 
Stainless Steel Dog Nail Scissors